Monday, October 1, 2012

World Wake Surfing Championship 2012 - Zane 3rd outlaw men surf

Trevor Miller 1st, Chris Banks 2nd, Zane 3rd place men outlaw surf

Wow, we thought it was hot in Texas! I do believe
Arizona has us beat! Thanks to all who were involved
with the World Wake Surfing Championship and all the
series of events through out the summer.  Zane has had a summer full of great surfing events and experiences. 
Until next season...
View the following link for some clips of the pro riders from the event:

Waiting on jet ski to take him out for his final run!
Practice run in Arizona.. jump & grab
Inland Team Riders

Practice run in Arizona .. big bottom turn

Zane & Inland Surfer- Jeff Page

Barrel Boss 2012

We had a great time at the Barrel Boss competiton  in Austin Texas! Zane took along his little sister Zoey, and his friend Pete.  Zane has been teaching both over the summer to shred those surf boards!  This was Zoey's first competiton, she did awesome! She was the youngest little surfer in the junior division.  Pete placed 3rd in the Junior division!  Way to go guys!

Zoey after her first competition

Zoey at Barrel Boss 2012

Zane 2nd Open Skim

Pete Lange 3rd Jr Division
Zane 3rd mens surf

Monday, August 27, 2012

The 10,000 Lakes Open Surf–Minnesota- 2012


      View the video below at 7:47 for a clip of my surf run!

Zane 3rd Mens Outlaw surf
Zane 3rd Men Outlaw Surf
Zane - 2nd Mens Am Skim              
Zane - 2nd Men Am Skim
Zane & his buddy Jackson

We had a great time at the 10,000 Lakes event in Minnesota. We even stopped by the Mall of America to ride a few rides and do some back to school shopping! Zane placed 3rd in men outlaw surf and 2nd in men amateur skim. This was his first event to compete in skim! Zane’s next stop will be at the Worlds event in Arizona in late September! He is excited to be competing in the outlaw surf division. He will be facing some tough competitors , some of which he has been up against already this summer.
Zane Montgomery & Trevor Miller
Mall of America - Minnesota





Monday, August 20, 2012



   Zane Montgomery 1st place Mens Amateur- July 2012 - Wake Surfing!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NWWSA 2012 - Seattle WA


Inland Team Riders: Caroline, Zane, Edric, Mark,
 Sean, James, Keenan, Brian

Zane & Keenan Flegel
Zane's little sister, Zoey, trying out the surf board!
                      view for more pics!

Wake The Desert 2012–San Angelo, TX

Mens Outlaw Surf
Zane 1st, Ford 2nd, Campbell 3rd
Zane Montgomery - Wake The Desert 2012

Brian Baker - 3rd place - Mens Pro Surf
Road trip from College Station to San Angelo was lots of fun! Inland Rider Brian Baker from North Carolina joined us in our adventure to San Angelo. Weather was extremely hot, but competition was great. Winners received some fabulous prizes!
1st place prizes!
Pete Lange - 1st place Jr Division

Towanza Riders: Zane Montgomery,Shane Allison
Ashley Kidd, Richard & Susan McCully

Sunday, August 12, 2012

US Wake Surf Nationals - Florida 2012

Inland Team Riders: James Walker, Keenan Flegel,
Caroline Villeneuve, Brian Baker,Vanessa Gonzalez, Zane Montgomery
Click on Logo to see event details and more great pictures!

Zane competed mainly in junior divisons in prior years, but is excitied to move into the Mens Outlaw Surf division for 2012!  The Nationial Championship in Florida is one of the world series of wake surfing qualifing events for 2012.   Watch for Zane at more of the world series events this summer.


Mens Outlaw Surf- 1st Zane, 2nd Ford, 3rd Trevor
Zane & Pete with their Fly Boys!

                       Vanessa & Zane - Inland Riders!
Caro & Zane- Inland Riders

       Zane's friend, Pete Lange 3rd Place Jr. Division

Friday, July 27, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012

Barrel Boss Competitions 2008 - 2011

Pete & Zane Barrel Boss 2011
September 2010

Ford 3rd, Campbell 2nd, Zane 1st in Jr - Sept 2010


Barrel Boss July 2010 - Zane 1st Place Jr