Monday, August 27, 2012

The 10,000 Lakes Open Surf–Minnesota- 2012


      View the video below at 7:47 for a clip of my surf run!

Zane 3rd Mens Outlaw surf
Zane 3rd Men Outlaw Surf
Zane - 2nd Mens Am Skim              
Zane - 2nd Men Am Skim
Zane & his buddy Jackson

We had a great time at the 10,000 Lakes event in Minnesota. We even stopped by the Mall of America to ride a few rides and do some back to school shopping! Zane placed 3rd in men outlaw surf and 2nd in men amateur skim. This was his first event to compete in skim! Zane’s next stop will be at the Worlds event in Arizona in late September! He is excited to be competing in the outlaw surf division. He will be facing some tough competitors , some of which he has been up against already this summer.
Zane Montgomery & Trevor Miller
Mall of America - Minnesota





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